Loading Dock Equipment

Loading docks are the first and last point of contact with your facility. With today’s modern, fast-paced loading docks, selecting and properly installing the best dock equipment for the job plays a major role in both safety and productivity. Wellington Dock & Door provides service and installation for all types of dock equipment and related products.

Pentalift Pentalift

Dock Levelers

There are 3 types of Dock Levelers; Mechanical, Hydraulic, and Air Powered. They come in various lengths, widths and capacities to suit the needs of your business. You don't have to sacrifice the safety of your staff or the security of your building, you can have both.

Vehicle Restraints

Vehicle restraints and dock lock safety systems are a key component of efficient and safe modern loading docks. Vehicle restraints lock trailers into position at the loading dock. The communication systems incorporate an integrated system of signal lights, to relay statuses.

Loading Dock Seals & Shelters

Dock seals form an air-tight seal between the building and the back-end of the trailer. They are designed to improve safety, protect merchandise, reduce cost and improve security at the loading dock. The resilient foam is covered with a tough abrasion resistant fabrics.

Other Loading Dock Equipment

Additional dock equipment available to help in ensuring safe and efficient operations for every application.

Loading Dock Accessories

Additional accessories to complete your shipping/receiving area, including dock bumpers, communication systems, wheel chocks, and dock lighting. An assortment of products to help improve safety and efficiency at the loading dock no matter what your application.

Loading Dock Lifts

Dock lifts are the best solution for loading or offloading trucks for a ground level application. They eliminate the danger and space requirements associated with a ramp. They also eliminate manual handling of freight from the truck bed height to the ground.

Blue Giant Blue Giant

Dock Levelers

Blue Giant dock levelers have been setting the industry standard for safety, durability and ease of operation since 1963. Designed for demanding applications, each dock leveler offers exceptional performance, reliability, and safety levels.

Vehicle Restraints

Blue Giant vehicle restraints are simply designed, easy to use, and can apply up to 35,000lbs (15,875kgs) of restraining force to keep a truck or trailer stationed at the dock. They safeguard against unscheduled departures, trailer creep, and trailer walk.