High Performance Doors

TNR High Performance Doors are built right here in Ontario!
Wellington Dock & Door is proud to be an Authorized TNR Doors dealer. 


Some entrances simply demand more. Our innovative roll up doors and high-speed doors are engineered to perform in locations where the operational demands are extreme, providing durable, fast and efficient entrance solutions.

Your fast-paced and rugged workplace demands tough, reliable doors that give you peace of mind. Our high-performance doors provide proven performance with maximum up-time and minimal maintenance. We offer the doors you need, especially for applications with:

  • Rugged, harsh environments
  • Door impact concerns
  • High pressure and wind load
  • High traffic condition

TNR Doors TNR Doors

General Application

You need a door that can hold up to the rigors of your business, yet still provide long-lasting and reliable performance. Our large rubber roll-up doors offer incredible efficiency and dependability, while still providing plenty of protection from the harsh elements.

High Speed

Slow-moving, unreliable doors can seriously burden industrial operations. Whether you’re in mining, oil and gas, pulp and paper, or the lumber industry, traditional industrial doors are slow, inefficient and prone to damage.

High Cycle

For manufacturing, transportation or distribution businesses that require high-cycle industrial doors, TNR Doors is undoubtedly the best choice around. Whether you’re installing a door in a processing plant, warehouse or maintenance building.

Large Doors

Big equipment needs big access openings. TNR's rubber doors are available up to 55 feet wide and 35 feet high. Openings beyond these sizes require extra consideration; contact us for larger doors.

High Speed Freezer Door

The CHILLFAST insulated high speed roll-up door system can sustain temperature ranges suitable for cold rooms, chill rooms and freezers.