Door Operators

At Wellington Dock & Door we understand you have many concerns relating to the operation of your business.  Let us put your mind at ease when it comes to function of your Overhead Door Operator. Safety of your employees and customers; Security of your building and inventory; Energy Savings, Customer Service and even preventing protential theft are just a few areas we can help.  We even offer a product line that can provide you with the ability to monitor and control the operator remotely.

Fire Door Operators

Liftmaster FDO-B

The RetroFit Fire Door Operator is an automated motorized fire protection system. When a fire alarm is actuated, the fire door will automatically close at a rate that meets NFPA 80 regulations.

Richards-Wilcox Richards-Wilcox

Dyna-Hoist DC Series

DC Series direct drive Door Operator from Richards-Wilcox is a leap forward in DC operator design. It’s Easy to install, set up and trouble-shoot, this high cycle operator is loaded with features, yet remarkably reliable and simple to use.

Electric Operators

Jackshaft Operators

Doors used with this operator should be balanced with the ability to be manually lifted by hand in an emergency or power outage.

Trolley Operator

Suspended from the ceiling, the operators are used on sectional overhead doors with a standard lift.

Gearhead / Hoist Operators

These operators provide a floor level chain hoist to ease manual operation.