Rolling Steel Doors

Amstel Manufacturing has been a Canadian leader in the door industry since the late 1960’s. Since its inception, Amstel has been considered as one of the premier companies in building custom building closure systems. Amstel Manufacturing is currently located in a 45,000 square foot building, owned and operated in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Amstel Manufacturing Amstel Manufacturing

Rolling Grilles

Clean lines, high visibility and maximum airflow characterize Rolling Grille products. A great product choice for your interior or exterior security applications.

Rolling Shutters

Ideal product for counter tops, bars, kiosks, and millwork cabinets. With a smaller coil space, Rolling Shutters can be used in numerous applications.

Service Doors

Amstel only makes one type of Rolling steel door which, is heavy duty. Every service door is build with minimum 50,000 cycle springs, 20 PSF wind-loading and prefinished slat construction available as a standard grey or tan finish.

Fire Doors & Shutters

Fire doors are offered with automatic crank, chain hoist or motor for ease of testing. By law, once fire doors have been installed, they must be tested annually. Reduce the long term costs of these annual tests by using the self-tester feature.