Parking Lot Management

Parking Control Systems

Parking Control Systems allow parking lot and garage owners to restrict access to their parking lot as well as generate revenue. There are typically two main components of a parking control system: Revenue Generation & Access Control.


Barrier Arms

FAAC automatic vehicle barriers represent the simplest and most reliable solution for managing entrances or spaces in communal condominium areas, business access areas, industrial zones, motorway tool areas or wherever the flow of vehicles needs to be regulated.

Automatic Traffic Bollards

A Solution for vehicle traffic control in residential, commercial, industrial & urban environments with limited traffic and for perimeter protection security applications would be considering the installation of Traffic Bollards on your property.

Liftmaster Liftmaster

Barrier Arms

When high speed, frequent access is essential, Barrier or Overhead Operators are an ideal choice. From airports to office buildings, they efficiently manage vehicle traffic without hampering its flow.