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Rolling Steel Fire Doors

Amstel is a manufacturer and supplier of all types of Rolling Steel Fire doors and accessories. If you are in need for a Fire door, contact us and let us know about your application, we will inform you of the best possible solution. We will custom design a specification for your project and supply you with an accurate drawing of the application.

With an exclusive range of fire door products from standard manual push-up applications to automatic reset motor operated doors with battery back-up, Amstel has the appropriate fire door for your needs. With your unique building code background, let us help you make sure that you have the best possible fire door for your application.

Fire doors are offered with automatic crank, chain hoist or motor for ease of testing. By law, once fire doors have been installed, they must be tested annually. Reduce the long term costs of these annual tests by using the self-tester feature. In addition, eliminate the untimely and unsafe drop of these doors that are offered by other manufacturers when brown outs or unintentional alarms occur.

Fire doors are available with insulation as well and can be provided with a Warnock Hersey label of up to 4 hours. Talk to us about the different applications based on your building code requirements.