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Rolling Shutters

Rolling Aluminum Shutters

The clean, neat appearance of our Solid Aluminum, Perforated Aluminum, Steel and Stainless Steel rolling shutters make them the perfect choice for your security application. Rolling shutters are ideal for situations where a solid barrier is needed for security and privacy, such as concession stands, service counters and storage areas. They also provide an excellent exterior covering for windows. New to our line is a shutter design that is perfectly suited for kiosks, carts and other applications where headroom is limited. Openings up to 4′-6” in height will require as little as 6-1/2” of coiling space. This leaves you with more room for display. Rolling shutters are available in a wide variety of custom finishes and colours in addition to our standard clear anodized aluminum. Amstel has the solution to suit your design application.


Perforated Rolling Aluminum Shutters

Customers have the option to choose from aluminum, steel or stainless steel shutters to be punched to make the shutter semi-transparent. This transparency allows vision, light and airflow to make its way through the sturdy security barrier. Our Perforated shutters are used in applications ranging from mall storefront to industrial garden center closure.