Blue Giant - Rider Pallet Trucks

Rider Pallet Trucks

Blue Giant offers top-of-the-line electric rider pallet trucks for order picking, high-speed load transport and loading dock work. Compact design, responsive controls, and fast travel speed all support safety and efficiency even in crowded, high-traffic locations.  


With a carrying capacity of 6,000lbs (2,727 kgs) and a 24-volt AC traction motor enabling speeds of up to 9 mph, the EPJ-60R is ideal for heavy and intensive load handling.

The EPJ-60R from Blue Giant is designed to suit a variety of demanding applications. It can be customized to suit facility requirements or the needs of a specific application. Built-in diagnostics anticipate service requirements, reducing the risk of unplanned downtime.

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  • 6,000 lb (2,727 kg)

Lift Height 

  • 8.25" (210 mm)


  • 24-volt AC traction motor enables speeds of up to 9 mph
  • 24V ZAPI programmable travel controller supports simple and precise truck positioning
  • Creep speed control allows for easier maneuvering at low speeds in tight places
  • Travel speed remains constant relative to throttle position regardless of the load
  • Regenerative braking kicks in when the control arm is in the vertical or horizontal position
  • Travel speed: 9.0mph (unloaded) and 6.5mph (under load)


  • Ergonomic handle with lift, lower, and infinitely variable speed control
  • Microcellular rubber mat supports operator comfort during ride-on applications

Structrual Integrity 

  • High speed grab bar offers operator security 
  • Fork size: 48" (1,219 mm) standard
  • Pallet entry slide supports easy pallet access by lifting the fork up and over the bottom board
  • Heavy-duty pull rods
  • Heavy-duty two-piece cover protects major components from impact damage