Fire Door Operators - Liftmaster FDO-B

Liftmaster FDO-B

Liftmaster - Retrofit Fire Door Operator

The RetroFit Fire Door Operator is an automated motorized fire protection system. When a fire alarm is actuated, the fire door will automatically close at a rate that meets NFPA 80 regulations. The RetroFit Fire Door operator is compliant with all UL fire rating standards to work with many common manufacturer’s fire doors.

Save time and streamline drop testing by replacing old tension loss door systems with this new technology. Drop test and auto-reset fire doors by simply turning a key.



Product Features

  • Enhanced capabilities for a stand-alone fire system
  • Integrate with smoke detectors or fuse link switch activation
  • Compatible with “Form-C” dry contact activation from a central building alarm system or (FACP)
  • Time Delayed Automatic Closing
  • Auto-Reset Overload Protection
  • Monitored Battery Backup
  • Programmable Closing Function Selection • Keyed Test Station
  • NEMA 1 Enclosure
  • Continuous-Duty Motor
  • Adjustable Linear Driven Limit Switches
  • 24-Volt Control Circuit
  • 3-Button Open/Close/Stop Control Station • UL Listed (325.Rev 5)