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Passport Stand-Alone Proximity Card Reader

The LiftMaster® Stand-Alone Proximity Card Reader (Model PPLX) offers high-end access control and security in a simple stand-alone format. This system allows for up to 50,000 user proximity cards or keyfobs in minutes.

  • 50,000 User Capacity
  • Programmable Output Relay
  • Multiple Wiegand Protocol
    (Sentex®, 26 Bit Industry Standard, Passport™)
  • “Latch Mode” to Hold the Door or Gate Open
  • Timed Anti-Passback Logic
  • Programmable as Stand-Alone or Wiegand Pass-through
  • Simple to use Hand-Held Radio Programmer 
    (Model PPRP)
  • Power Requirements
    5-14 VDC, 150mA (max load)
  • Outputs
    SPST Solid State Relay. 1A max. @60 VAC or DC Normally open or normally closed (field programmable)
  • Inputs
    Default is Remote Open (requires contact closure). Also programmable as Bicolor (Red or Green) LED Control or Buzzer/LED control for online systems (see Operating Guide).
  • Wiegand Output
    Any Wiegand Format up to 40 bits Maximum Distance: 500 ft. - 5 or 6 conductor 20 gauge shielded cable Environment Access Control Unit and Cards Ambient Temp. -40° to +70°C (-40° to +158°F) Humidity    0 to 95% (non-condensing

Available Configurations

Model Number Description
PPLX Stand Alone Proximity Reader (No Power Supply - No Programmer - No Cards)
PPRP Proximity Radio Programmer (Only)
PS12D2A Power Supply 12Vdc 2.0A (Only)
PPCSC Proximity Card (Clamshell) (Shipped in sleaves of 50)


Wired Keypad and Proximity Reader

LiftMaster’s KPR2000 is a feature-rich keypad and proximity card reader access controller that is simple to install and looks great, making it an excellent choice for both Residential and Commercial applications.    

  • Supports a maximum of 2,000 users in multiple access configurations.
  • Supports HID 26-bit and 30-bit Wiegand proximity card formats.
  • Designed for outdoor environments with a sealed, weather proof design allowing you to easily mount anywhere.
  • Provides stand alone or pass-thru operation
  • Latch Mode allows you to hold open a door or gate for an extended period of time.
  • Includes Rapid Programming and Block Enrollment capability, “Add” and “Delete” program cards.
  • Programmable Output Relay with adjustable contact time appropriate for Gate Operator, Commercial Door Operator, Door Strike or Solenoid Lock.
  • Capable of networking two KPR2000s, PPWR to the KPR2000 or to most Access Control Systems.
Safety and Security
  • Rugged Vandal-Resistant Backlit Metal Enclosure to protect casing from unwanted entry
  • Anti-Tamper Alarm alerts you when someone has attempted to open the case while powered
  • Integrated Alarm Buzzer and Output allows you to set additional security alarms.


Self-Contained Keypad System for Door and Gated Entrances

The MINIkey is engineered to be rugged, vandal resistant and will enhance your site with a well-crafted look for interior or exterior use. It consists of a brushed, stainless steel faceplate with a recessed, side-lit metal keypad for excellent visibility day or night.        

  • Supports two relays (main and auxiliary) for an optional keypad or status input up to 500 ft. from the main unit.
  • Programs relays to activate independently from 2 to 225 seconds.
  • Retains databases information even with the loss of power.
  • Disperses voltage spikes with a built-in surge protector.
  • Resists the elements with a uniquely designed sealed, weather-resistant keypad.
  • Available in surface mount or flush mount.
  • 1-Year warranty
Safety and Security
  • Program entry codes to 4 or 5 digits for increased security.
  • Locks out users for a pre-programed amount of time when too many invalid code attempts are made.
  • Configures entry points to automatically open or lock at set time periods.


Wireless Commercial Keypad

Built to deliver unbeatable performance in tough environments, LiftMaster KPW250 enables a more modern, streamlined access solution that’s simpler than ever to install and use. Perfect for larger commercial applications or gated entrance for a small business.    

  • Compatible with Security+ 2.0, Security+, as well as Linear Multi-Code 300 MHz
  • 250 permanent PINs and 10 unique temporary PINs mean flexibility to set up multiple users for commercial settings; unique temporary PINs can be set for 1 to 9 uses
  • Allows for removal of a single PIN while maintaining full access for other users
  • Electronics are fully sealed and meet NEMA 4X water protection requirements
  • An industry-leading 5-year lithium battery improves performance in cold weather (based on 25 activations per day)
Safety and Security
  • Zinc-alloy metal front cover for tough environments
  • Blue backlit metal keypad makes it easy to use under low-light conditions
  • A fully enclosed internal antenna means better protection from both vandalism and the elements
  • Easily surface mounted or on a standard pedestal