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Access Control


Imagine real-time control over your entire operation in a device that fits in the palm of your hand!

Introducing the Dynamic Intelligent Lane Controller (D-ILC) by LocoMobi. This controller packs a powerful punch with Quad Core processor and over 1TB of expandable storage. Multi-process all your needs in a lane or multiple lanes for parking and transportation. Imagine controlling RFID readers, counts, signs – in one or all modes of communication you choose. This includes, Wi-Fi, GPRS, or RJ-45 ethernet. Use one communication option or all can be combined for backup redundancy. While you are controlling the users and counts, add the ability to use our sensor inputs for such things as carbon monoxide, lights, humidity, temperature and other important needs. Qualified to handle up to 96 RFID readers and 127 different devices, the D-ILC also has local and global anti-pass back features via the cloud. Easily integrated into new or existing sensors, the D-ILC is the most versatile controller of its kind.

How It Works

Benefits & Features

  • Can be reconfigured and monitored remotely
  • No obscure serial connections or command line configuration
  • Simple easy-to use built-in GUI accessible via standard protocols
  • Automatic firmware updates from the cloud
  • Wi-Fi, RJ-45 Ethernet or GPRS Controller
  • 3 operational modes (Real-time Cloud, Real-time with local fallback, Offline/cached permits refreshed from cloud at specified interval)
  • Can use multiple communications paths simultaneously for redundancy
  • Hardware counting (up to 8 inputs per D-ILC)
  • Can also be configured at lane level
  • Card, code, barcode, biometric and ticket-based access control
  • Gates/doors can be opened in real-time from the portal
  • Annunciator with programmable voice prompts