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Smart Barrier Arms

BriskPark Smart Gate

The smartest gate at the best value

Slick and quick access gate and easy to install and setup. Advanced safety features with many smart options and capabilities. Ideal for toll and parking applications as the durable, slim, and lightweight BriskPark Smart Gate can withstand years of weathering blackouts and rebounds. It can be customized to your needs with a standard folding arm gate or fence gate that reaches up to 23 feet.


Benefits & Features

  • Ultra-responsive collision detection – Gate goes back up as soon as the arm touches any object
  • Extremely fast with adjustable directional speed
  • Easy to manually override with built-in hand crank
  • Never trap people inside – Battery backup to keep operating with an option to stay open when battery power is low
  • Remote sites have ability to charge on solar power or use the backup charger
  • Automatic open on power loss – Eliminates 24 hour on-site personnel for emergency override
  • Optional Feature: Telescopic arm with adjustable length


Smart Options

Embedded with WorldStream Cloud Portal: The power to know and control from anywhere in the world!

  • Current status of gates (open/close) with report of all opening/closing
  • Remote control from anywhere in the world with the option to remotely lock position
  • Use caller ID and a dedicated phone number to allow approved phone numbers to open the gate
  • Connect to fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and more – automatic open and control lights and other electronic devices. Gate will send commands if needed when opening or closing
  • Alert when the gate is open for more than a set period of time or other issues
  • Camera to show the view from the gate and record image each time gate is opened