Richards-Wilcox - Polytite Series

Polytite Series

Sectional Polycarbonate Overhead Doors

Polytite Door Systems are made with triple-walled polycarbonate panels that are strong yet lightweight, providing easy operation with minimum stress on hardware components. The translucent panels provide a naturally-lit, inviting work environment and help reduce winter heating costs through the effects of solar heat gain. The panels are also extremely impact-resistant and can withstand long-term exposure to extreme elements such as sun, wind, rain and snow without cracking or splitting. Particularly suited for service garages but ideal for all types of industrial, agricultural, commercial, institutional and residential overhead door installations where an attractive, light-transmitting, strong, lightweight door is desired.

Polytite Models

Cross-section View Detail
Section Details
  Dimensions Opening Widths Polycarbonate Paneling Section Framing
P175 / P175T

Section Thickness 1 3/4″ (45mm)

Section Height 21″ & 24″ (533mm & 610mm)

Basic Windload: 8′-0″ – 16′-2″ (2438mm – 4877mm)

15 psf Design: 8′-0″ – 24′-2″ (2438mm – 7366mm)

Custom Door Width: Up to 30′-2″ (9195mm)

The external side of the Polycarbonate is protected with a coextruded layer warranting resistance to atmospheric agents and U.V. rays.

Thickness: 5/8″ (16mm)

Structure: Triple-walled

Weight: 0.553lbs/sq ft (2.69 kg/sq m)

R-Factor: 2.500 ft2 hF/Btu

U-Factor: 2.271 W/m2K

Fire Reaction: ASTM E84-01 Flame spread and smoke. Developed: Class A.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: Clear: 75; Bronze: 57; White: 63

Stock Colours: Clear, Dark Bronze, Western Bronze

Optional Colours: Green, Blue, White

Fabricated from 6063-T6 aluminum alloy extrusions, extrusion thickness 0.063″ (1.6mm) thick, and 0.090″ (2.18mm) thick at hardware mounting locations.

End stiles: 2 1/2″ (64mm) wide aluminum; Double end stiles for doors over 16′-2″ (4928mm) wide

Center stiles: 3″ (76mm) wide aluminum

Pair of meeting rails: 4 1/2″ (114mm) high aluminum

Top rail: 2 3/16″ (56mm) high aluminum

Top rail: 2 9/16″ (65mm) high aluminum

Stock Colours: Clear Anodized, Bronze, White