TMI - Screen-Pro® Roll-Up Bug Screens

Screen-Pro® Roll-Up Bug Screens

Screen-Pro® Roll-Up Bug Screens

TMI's Screen-Pro® Roll-Up Bug Screens are an economical and ideal solution for screening out bugs, birds and other unwanted pests from your industrial facility. Screen-Pro® doors increase energy savings and create a more comfortable work environment. TMI's Screen-Pro® Bug Screens also allow fresh air into your building while acting as a physical barrier, deterring theft and trespassing. Screen-Pro® Roll-Up Bug Screens help you successfully and affordably manage your environments.


  • Modular Design: Interchangeable panels allow for quick and easy repair of damaged panels. Panels simply slide in and out of the wind stiffeners. This eliminates the need for replacing the entire door, decreasing maintenance and repair costs over the life of the door. To use your Bug Screen all year round, you can slide out the mesh bug screen panels and replace them with solid vinyl panels to control the temperature in the fall and winter seasons.
  • Extruded Aluminum Wind Bars: Extruded wind bars are up to 50% stronger than other stiffeners in the industry. The high-strength stiffeners combat high winds and negative pressure.
  • Save-T® Breakaway Bars: Breakaway bars prevent the roll-up screen door from breaking if hit. The bottom bar releases in either direction and can be easily placed back into the track.
  • Extruded Aluminum Guide Tracks: Track guides direct the roll-up door with UHMW inserts that reduce friction and prevent black aluminum dust.
  • Safety Options: TMI can include safety features such as photo-eyes and pneumatic reversing edges to ensure that the roll-up bug screen will not damage products or injure personnel that might be in the way of the closing.
  • Available in a variety of color options


  • Series 1000: Spring Loaded Manual Pull Down Bug Screen – Includes yellow pull down straps to bring the door up and down. The maximum door size for spring-loaded roll-up bug screens is 12' wide X 12' high.
  • Series 2000: Chain Hoist Bug Screen – Chain hoists are used to manually pull the bug screen door up and down, just like a traditional garage door.
  • Series 3000: In-Tube Motorized Insect Screen – These roll-up bug screens are activated with an Up/Down constant pressure rocker switch. In-Tube Motors allow the bug screen to roll up at a rate of 12" per second. In-Tube Motors run on 110 volt, single-phase power, and are recommended for applications where the door will be used no more than 8 to 10 times per hour. The maximum door size for In-Tube Motor Roll-Up bug screens is 14' wide X 14' high.
  • Series 4000: External Jackshaft Motorized Insect Screen – These external jackshaft motors pull the roll-up bug screen up at speeds of 12" per second. External jackshaft operators are used on openings that are used 10-15 cycles per hour.
  • Series 5000: High-Cycle Motorized Insect Screen – For continuous duty applications, the SP-5000 bug screen door uses a continuous-duty jackshaft motor.
  • Series 6000: Swift Speed Motorized Insect Screen – The SP-6000 is the newest and fastest of the Screen-Pro® line. SP-6000 insect screens move at a rate of 30" per second for thousands less than a high-speed roll-up door.