here are some of our most frequently asked questions

We know you have questions, and we have answers

  • How large should the opening for a garage door be?
    We recommend that your garage door frame be a 2″ smaller than the door. This framing is called a jamb lap and should cover a small portion of the face of your door. Once weather stops have been installed, the jamb lap will help to properly seal your door.
  • How much room do I need above the opening to make everything work correctly?
    For residential installations, a 12″ clearance, at minimum, is required. For standard commercial installations, we recommend 20″.
  • Do I need the floor in place to install the door(s)?
    While you can install a garage door without a floor in place, we don’t recommend it. In order to safely and accurately install your door, our policy requires there to be garage flooring before we will install your garage door. When our technicians install garage doors, they need to make sure that the bottom of the door is completely flush with the floor. If there isn’t a professionally installed floor in place, the ground in your garage will inevitably be somewhat uneven, making it practically impossible to install your garage door without gaps or cracks along the bottom edge.
  • Can windows be added to my door after installation?
    We can easily add windows after your door has been installed for an additional fee.
  • What’s the warranty for a newly installed door?
    All products and services provided by Wellington Dock & Door are warrantied to the original customer against installation defects, service or repair defects, garage door part defects, and missing parts or hardware.Your warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, damage caused by others, misuse of products/modifications, failure to perform planned/preventative maintenance, customer applied paint or exposure to corrosive substances, and natural damage. Know the ins and outs of your warranty by reading our Warranty Terms and Conditions.