Docks & Doors

Loading Dock Equipment

Wellington Dock & Door is proud to be an Authorized Blue Giant dealer. Can't find the product you're looking for? Contact us to discuss our entire Blue Giant offering.


Our sales and service staff have been factory trained at BGU, and are available to assist you with all your loading dock equipment needs.


Sectional Doors

In business since 1912, Richards Wilcox has established a reputation for exceptional quality and customer service. RW’s sectional overhead doors are engineered to the highest industry standard, using superior hardware components and exclusive Neufoam-TM Polyurethane. RW’s complete range of overhead doors includes our Thermatite-TM, Alumatite-TM and Polytite-TM Series of door models.

Rolling Steel Doors

Amstel Manufacturing has been a Canadian leader in the door industry since the late 1960’s. Since its inception, Amstel has been considered as one of the premier companies in building custom building closure systems. Amstel Manufacturing is currently located in a 45,000 square foot building, owned and operated in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

High Performance Doors

TNR High Performance Doors are built right here in Ontario!
Wellington Dock & Door is proud to be an Authorized TNR Doors dealer. 


Some entrances simply demand more. Our innovative roll up doors and high-speed doors are engineered to perform in locations where the operational demands are extreme, providing durable, fast and efficient entrance solutions.

Your fast-paced and rugged workplace demands tough, reliable doors that give you peace of mind. Our high-performance doors provide proven performance with maximum up-time and minimal maintenance. We offer the doors you need, especially for applications with:

  • Rugged, harsh environments
  • Door impact concerns
  • High pressure and wind load
  • High traffic condition

Parking Garage Doors

Rubber doors from TNR Doors are the ideal choice for low-headroom parking garage applications. Our rubber roll-up parking doors are designed and built with a proprietary rubber curtain, Newgen® aluminum guide and CurtainLok™ system. This unique design allows for a simple and reliable low-profile header, which can be retrofitted into parking garages with very limited headroom.

Our parking garage doors can be installed in applications with headroom as low as 13 inches. This makes our doors the best choice for underground parking garages, hotels, conference centers, condominiums, or any other structure with limited headroom and high cycle demands.

The high-performance rubber roll-up doors from TNR Doors utilize a design that eliminates hinges, cables, pulleys, and tension springs. This approach to roll-up door design minimizes maintenance requirements and simplifies installation, all while providing door speeds of up to 30” per second. Traditional metal doors run slower and require replacement parts after an accidental vehicular collision. But not ours! Our ¼” thick rubber doors are equipped with a patented “knock-away” bar, so they’re able to handle full impact from a vehicle, with very little downtime and low repair costs.

Door Operators

At Wellington Dock & Door we understand you have many concerns relating to the operation of your business.  Let us put your mind at ease when it comes to function of your Overhead Door Operator. Safety of your employees and customers; Security of your building and inventory; Energy Savings, Customer Service and even preventing protential theft are just a few areas we can help.  We even offer a product line that can provide you with the ability to monitor and control the operator remotely.

Car Wash Doors

At Wellington Dock & Door we specialize in car care applications such as car washes, service bays and car dealerships.

Today, doors play a more important role than ever when it comes to carwash operation. Doors not only provide security, act as a wind break and retain heat, but they also control traffic, set operating speeds and suppress excess sound.