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Efficient and safe Loading dock equipment

Loading docks are an important part of any facility, as they allow organizations to move material in, out, and around the facility. While loading docks are the lifeblood of any facility, it's also important to have premium equipment that allows your dock to operate efficiently. With Wellington Dock & Door, businesses can get premium loading dock equipment that accommodates various vehicles, protects your building, and provides safety features for your employees.

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Pit style loading docks

Pit style dock levelers are an integral part of loading bays all over the world. These durable units provide a smooth path for cross-docking traffic, reducing bumps and bouncing that can injure forklift drivers and damage both equipment and cargo.

  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulic
  • Edge of docks
  • Vertical storing
Available Options

Loading Dock Systems

  • 01. Hydraulic
  • 02. Mechanical
  • 03. Edge of Dock
  • 04. Hydraulic Conversion
Hydraulic deck and lip cylinders increase operating efficiency and reduce maintenance requirements, resulting in a significantly lower cost of ownership compared to mechanical units.
  • 1 HP Hydraulic pump
  • Available in multiple voltages
Mechanical dock levelers are an economical solution to basic applications, while still providing strength and durability. These levelers use a pull chain activation to raise the deck. The operator then simply walks the deck back down to the bed of a trailer or to a stored position.
  • Manual activation
  • Piano style front and rear hinges
The alternative to the lack of interior space or to the constraints under the concrete floor.
  • Available in hydraulic or mechanical
  • Working height of 5"
Upgrade your mechanical dock system with a hydraulic conversion. Our kits are easily adapted to all mechanical docks and come with a power pack, motor starter, hydraulic cylinders, mounting plates, hoses and fittings.
  • Maintenance requirements and total lifetime operating costs are significantly lower for hydraulic dock levelers
  • Wall mounted push button operation of hydraulic units provide easier operator control and a higher degree of safety
  • Smooth, quiet operation at the touch of a button
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  • Benefits of Loading Dock Levelers
  • Maintenance & Repair

Dock levelers fill in the gap and provide a bridge between your loading dock and transport vehicles. As a result, dock levelers make transporting cargo for forklifts much smoother. With a loading dock leveler, forklifts can safely and steadily maneuver between the dock and the truck. Without a doubt, loading dock levelers keep your employees safe and prevent damage to your equipment. Moreover, they aid tremendously in the productivity of your staff by enabling them to complete loading cargo more quickly with fewer bumps.

Having routine maintenance conducted on your loading dock leveler ensures that you’re providing your employees with a safe work atmosphere by having regular inspections on a critical piece of equipment in your facility. A maintenance plan will minimize the chance of malfunction and costly repair services. Furthermore, maintenance helps extend the life of your equipment and lessens the wear and tear of everyday use.