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reinventing parking and vehicle access

Our unique Smart City development capabilities equip your business with diverse and innovative enterprise hardware and cloud-based software offerings. Whether your’re new to the smart city world or have been innovating for years, our a-la-carte solutions meet and exceed industry standards. From on-street to off-street options, to seamless user experiences, we simplify and improve vehicle management and parking for our clients— now and into the future.

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LPR Interactive Feedback System

LocoMobi World’s License Plate Recognition System (LPR) is a fully scalable solution with a combination of innovative hardware and software products. Drivers receive real-time feedback from the LPR smart programmable LED sign and/or an industrial light tower with an optional voice speaker.

  • Licence Plate Recognition
  • Parking Management
  • Vehicle Access Controls
Available Options

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  • 01. Added Awareness
  • 02. Arrival Alarm
  • 03. Spot Informant
Added Awareness uses an AI engine to push real-time alerts to front desk personnel of all unauthorized and unusual behavior at the garage doors, such as vehicle tailgating and trespassing pedestrians. Property managers have the ability to customize and configure the alerts that best suit their needs of security, and give them peace of mind.
Fast-food restaurants, retail and commercial outlets, and other automated retail establishments are always looking for ways to streamline their service, shorten queues and improve customer satisfaction. Locomobi World’s Arrival Alarm client arrival notification system, powered by LPR Express, helps notify staff when customers arrive on-site for pickup. It eliminates long queues and lowers customer frustration. The order and pick-up processes can be streamlined and finessed to make life easier for staff and customers.
Spot Informant is a parking management software/cloud-based system that offers real-time stall usage reports with abuse alarms. Retail locations lose substantial revenue as potential patrons go elsewhere when parking is full. Spot Informant fixes this issue by showing the exact stalls where cars are over the allowed maximum length of stay. Property managers, owners, and concierges will understand in real-time when and how many parking stalls are available, allowing them to intelligently control access.
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  • Condopark
  • Management Software

Condopark enables condo users to reserve parking permits and guest reservations via an online portal. Parking is as simple as driving up to the property, without the need for property staff, FOBs, tickets, or any sort of paper validation. With the license plate acting as a virtual permit, Condopark eliminates trespassers and key sharing while requiring less attention from property management.

The WorldStream Cloud Portal is our flagship management system built and revolving around cloud technology. A step ahead of the game, the Cloud Portal connects and “speaks” with our mobile pay stations and License Plate Recognition cameras to provide real-time updates on revenue, operational status, and customer statistics.