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Stationary and Portable Ramps

Stationary steel ramps allows you to convert one or more receiving doors to a” drive-in-style” door. You now have an option of bringing forklifts down to ground level or bringing vehicles into the warehouse. This style ramp also avoids the construction costs of digging, the placement of concrete foundations, and is worry free regarding drainage around the building.

Our standard ramp is 30 feet long, this works with a normal dock height of 48 inches. The purpose of the ramp being 30 feet is so that it will have about a 12.9 % grade or be about 7.4 degrees this angle will make it easy for a forklift with a load to make the grade. The width of a ramp may vary but usually depends on application.

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Dock Boards & Dock Plates

Our complete range of tough, lightweight aluminum & steel truck and rail dockboards are fully engineered to meet all of your needs. Capacities on standard sizes up to 24,000 lbs., most aluminum models are available within a few days. Custom sizes, width in excess of 72″, and capacities over 24,000 lbs.

  • Forklift Handles
  • Rail Dockboard
  • Ramp/Dockboard
  • Fixed Span
Available Options

Ramp Systems

  • 01. Portable Loading Ramps
  • 02. Stationary Yard Ramps
  • 03. Light Car & Truck Ramps
  • 04. Wheel Riser Ramps
Light-weight Aluminum Mobile Yardramp permits the loading and unloading of trailers and railcars, with a propane operated fork lift, in areas where normal docking facilities are not available. The yardramp can be easily moved on either 6 pneumatic or 6 solid cushion tires. Yardramp capacities range from 11,000 to 24,000 lbs; the standard operating width is 63″ or 74″. A railcar platform is recommended for use with railcars.
Stationary Steel Yard Ramp will eliminate those difficult and time consuming shipping and receiving problems. Ideal for those companies that do not have docking facilities or just need additional space. Easy to install, they can be moved to another location when necessary.
Portable ramps are made of a high-tensile lightweight aluminum treadplate surface for improved traction. Includes a 6″ apron for attachment to any building or truck. Vehicle ramps are available in various lengths and capacities. Cars with lower under-clearance will require longer ramps.
All aluminum, light weight wheel risers are available in standard heights of 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″, with widths of 18″, 24″, or 30″. There is also a selection of deck lengths. Capacity is 24,000 lbs. per pair. Allowing trailers to be positioned properly above a dock, wheel risers are essential for more efficient loading. With multiple width, length and custom sizes available, they can accommodate single, dual, or tandem axle trailers. Wheel risers can be portable or permanently positioned.
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  • How durable are aluminum ramps compared to steel?
  • How long should the vehicle ramp be?

If the ramps are used sensibly, there is no reason why aluminum ramps should not last as long as steel.

For vehicle ramps Health & Safety recommend that no gradient greater than 30% (16.5 degrees) should be used.