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Bug Screen Doors

These doors allow unrestricted air flow and natural light through door openings. It creates a screened barrier that stops birds, bugs and rodents from entering your facility, thus improving product quality, employee comfort, safety and productivity. The fabric is weather, abrasion and rot-resistant.

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Why buy a bug screen?

Ideal for food processing, beverage and bottling, packaging, and general manufacturing operations, they are easily installed on dock doors, dumpster areas, and warehouse openings.

  • Allow fresh air in for comfort & productivity
  • Enable light to enter the work area
  • Deter theft and vandalism
  • Supports FDA/AIB requirements
Bug Sceen


  • 01. Energy Rebates
  • 02. Food production
Ideal for ventilation during summer months, especially without air conditioning. Energy rebates are often available, inquire with a one of our representatives.
Certain industries, including food processing and packaging, require careful control of the inside environment. By contributing to a bug-free environment, fly screens aid in conforming to FDA/AIB regulations.
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  • Typical Applications
  • How large of an opening can a bug screen cover?

Typical applications for bug screens include loading docks, warehouses, distribution centers, food manufacturing facilities, and any other location that requires protection against unwanted flying insects, birds, and airborne pollutants.

We offer bug screens ranging in size from small dock doors (8' x 8') and smaller all the way up to larger openings 16' x 18'.