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Overhead Sectional Doors

An overhead sectional door is a type of door that’s made up of several horizontal panels joined together by hinges that allow it to bend and follow a curved path as it opens and closes. When fully open, the door lies flat against the ceiling.

Overhead sectional doors can be used for a variety of applications in warehouses, shipping docks, fire stations, service stations, garages, showrooms, car washes, restaurants, and sports complexes. Sectional doors come in a wide variety of materials and styles that can be customized to meet your requirements.

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Richards-Wilcox Doors

In business since 1912, Richards-Wilcox have an established reputation for exceptional quality and unparalleled customer service. Richards-Wilcox Sectional Overhead Doors are engineered to the highest industry standards and use superior hardware components. We believe in the strength and durability of our doors and we back that up in writing with our R-W warranties.

  • Neufoam Technology
  • Weatherlock System
  • Linear Hardware
  • Industry Leading Warranty
Commercial Doors

Thermatite Series

  • 01. T150
  • 02. T175
  • 03. T200
  • 04. T300
The T150 offers a 1.5” of Neufoam™ Core and an energy efficient R-Value of 13.21. Other popular applications include warehousing, small commercial buildings and shops.
  • 1 1/2″ Neufoam™ Insulated Polyurethane Door
  • Shiplap Section Joint
  • Available in 3 colours and two panel styles.
The T175 was the first door utilizing the Richards-Wilcox’s continuous Neufoam polyurethane technology and continues to be our top selling Commercial/Industrial door for over 30 years carrying with it a reputation of reliability and durability exceeding the expectations of daily use. It offers the widest selection of quality features and options for the most common product applications.
  • 1 3/4″ Neufoam™ Insulated Polyurethane Door
  • Shiplap Section Joint
  • Available in 3 colours and two panel styles.
The T200 offers a 2” Neufoam™ Core and an R-Value of 18.3. Its great for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications where higher insulation levels are desired.
  • 2″ Neufoam™ Insulated Polyurethane Door
  • Shiplap Section Joint
  • Available in 1 colour and two panel styles.
The ultimate choice for thermal efficiency with a 24.54 R-value. The T300 is ideal for commercial warehousing, agriculture, fire hall & ambulance bays, refrigerated buildings, underground parking and high security facilities.
  • 3″ Neufoam™ Insulated Polyurethane Door
  • Tongue and Groove Section Joint
  • Available in 1 colour and two panel styles.
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  • Thermal Value of Sections
  • About Thermatite
  • Maximum Opening Size

- T150-MR / T150 R 13.21 ft2 hF/Btu

- T175-MR / T175 R 16 ft2 hF/Btu

- T200MR / T200 R 18.28 ft2 hF/Btu

- T200-20 R 18.28 ft2 hF/Btu

- T300-MR / T300 R 24.54 ft2 hF/Btu

Thermatite Door Systems are built stronger with Neufoam™ technology – a continuous foaming process that renders cavity-free sections. No air pockets inside the panel ensures superior adhesion of our CFC/HCFC-free polyurethane insulation to the steel skin, preventing delamination and providing exceptional structural integrity. The door has a higher strength-to-weight ratio, offers a better thermal barrier (higher R-Value) and resists deflection. Sections feature thermal breaks and two continuous replaceable seals to minimize air flow.

All models 22' (6706mm) maximum height

Maximum opening widths

- T150-MR / T150 29’-4″ (8941mm)

- T175-MR / T175 36’-2″ (11024mm)

- T200MR / T200 30’-2″ (9195mm)

- T200A-MR / T200A 24’-2″ (7366mm)

- T200-20 38’ 2” (11,633 mm)

- T300-MR / T300 38′-2″ (11633mm)