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The smartest Barrier Arm at the best value

A smart gate is a slick and quick access gate that is easy to install and set up. It possesses advanced safety features with many smart options and capabilities to make life easier for everyone. A smart gate is ideal for toll and parking applications due to its durable, slim, and lightweight properties.

BriskPark Smart Gate can withstand years of weathering, blackouts, and rebounds. It can be customized to your needs with either a 10′ fixed arm, 10′ folding arm, or a telescopic arm with adjustable lengths between 11.5′ & 21.5′.

Smart gates can be used anywhere from warehouses to personal homes to office buildings. The possibilities are endless and for you to choose from. For apartment complexes, smart gates are very helpful and smooth out traffic flow for residents.

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Gate Operator accessories

Our electrical division are experts with barrier arms and gate operators. Some popular accessories we install regularly are.

  • Ground loops
  • Motion sensors
  • Siren activated sensors
  • Access control readers
  • Remotes
  • Lights

Gate Systems

  • 01. Sliding Gates
  • 02. Swing Gates
Wondering if a cantilever slide gate is the right choice for your project, application, or environment? The cantilever gate design is counter-balanced to allow the gate to smoothly slide open or closed in a linear motion, closing an opening beyond its vertical support. It’s the perfect solution in environments where a large opening is necessary. Industrial grade cantilever slide gate systems are ideal for locations ranging from airports, military bases, railroads, public service buildings, chemical plants, border stations and more.
Welded Single Swing gates are the industry standard among fencing professionals due to the strength of an all welded construction and the added security of square corners. Single Swing gates are available for large opening sizes up to 20 feet and to match all fence heights. The standard opening size is 44 inches but any size can be made to fit your needs. Gates (frame, mesh, hardware) are manufactured in five standard colors; Galvanized, Black, White, Brown or Green. Welded gates offer an added degree of enclosure due to the square corner construction that reduces the space between the posts and the bottom gate corners. Functional requirements and site layout should always be considered before selecting your style of gate.
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  • Do i need an electric gate?
  • Which security gate should i choose?

Electric security gates for businesses have a number of obvious advantages over manual systems. For larger facilities with a high volume of vehicles entering and exiting, an electric gate is the clear choice, as it will save time, reduce staffing requirements and keep your productivity up on a day-to-day basis.

There are, however, some drawbacks to an electric gate, including increased maintenance requirements and higher initial costs. If you’re uncertain which type of gate is best for your business, contact us directly. One of our representatives will be happy to go over your options and provide expert advice to help you make a more informed decision.

Choosing the right security gate for your business is more than just deciding between a manual and automatic system. There are several different designs and configurations available, all of which have specific applications and advantages. Some of the most common business security gates include cantilevered slide gates, bi-folding gates and more. That’s in addition to pedestrian gates and specialty products such as bollards and barrier arms.