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Why docks seals and shelters

If you think about it, each loading dock door opening (typically ranging from 8'x8' to 10'x12' or larger) represents a giant hole in the wall of your facility. Strung together, these dock openings present an enormous opportunity for bad things to enter your facility, things like bugs, dust, wind, rain and rodents, and good things like expensive heating and cooling to escape.

Loading Dock Seals come in a complete range of styles like fixed head pad seals, fixed inflatable dock seals, adjustable head pad, head curtain, inflatable dock shelter, full-access head curtain. Multiple colours or additional wear flaps available; applied to head pad corners and full height of the side pad to absorb abrasion that occurs at high wear areas.

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Custom Colors & logos

Our extensive range of dock seals can be customized to your needs, if you want to match your dock seals to your buildings color scheme or display your company logo our team can help.

  • Custom colors available
  • Customer logos
Dock Seals & Shelters


  • 01. Energy Rebates
  • 02. Protection
There are a variety of industries that qualify for facility equipment incentives whether it is through a program by the Ministry of Energy directly or your local utility company. These energy incentives are usually related to space and/or water heating and food processing. The majority of these energy-efficiency programs have a time frame so its beneficial to act when one is running. Wellington Dock & Door have been successful in helping businesses realize energy savings with returns on investment as quick as 3 months. Learn more about Enbridge’s fixed incentive programs and how they can apply to products like Air Curtains or Dock Seals. Speak to one of our knowledgeable staff about what products are eligible and your potential savings.
Weather-related product damage and contamination, employee comfort and safety, facility cleanliness, air quality are all concerns related to protecting and controlling the environment at your loading dock.
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  • What should I consider Before buying a seal or shelter
  • How Much Does an Energy Rebate Cover?

Not every door opening will be ideal for dock seals or shelter equipment. Contact one of our dock specialist to come in-person to take measurements, make recommendations and provide budget friendly options. When considering this equipment you want to take into consideration the following; Opening size of overhead door, opening sizes of truck/trailer rear doors, dock pumper projection and the mounting surface for the seals/shelter.

When using a rebate on a loading dock seal, an energy rebate can amount to $1000 per door. Calculating the rebate is done by subtracting the rebate offer from the total unit price. This varies depending on a number of factors, including the type of seal or shelter & the size as well as how many units are sold.