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Service Doors

Rolling Steel Service Doors

Amstel only makes one type of Rolling steel door which, is heavy duty. Every service door is build with minimum 50,000 cycle springs, 20 PSF wind-loading and prefinished slat construction available as a standard grey or tan finish. Doors are offered in manual, chain hoist, hand crank, and electric motor operation with a wide variety of electrical and safety features. Let us help you make sure that you get the most appropriate product in your opening.





Insulated Rolling Steel Service Doors

Insulated rolling steel service doors use solid insulation in between two slats that offer greater coverage and consistent density over the foamed in place system used by most manufacturers. The flame spread on our insulation will not exceed a 25 rating and smoke generation is less than a 50 rating. A flexible, solid foam astragal fits into the guides at the bottom of the door to maximize the seal across the bottom of the door. Clip on vinyl weather stripping and waterproof hood baffles are all standards on our doors. As an extra feature, brush weather stripping can be used on from the header back to the curtain to maximize the reduction of sound and air transfer. Our doors are aesthetically pleasing with a finished appearance on both sides. Our standard is an exterior 22 guage slat and a 22 guage interior slat but, we do offer 20 and 18 guage slat as well. Our insulated doors have the option of a fire rated label up to 4 hours. Depending on their construction, insulated rolling steel doors can also achieve an STC rating from 26-33. These aesthetically pleasing closure systems can help your company cut heating and cooling costs, making your facility more efficient and environmentally friendly.