Food Facility High Speed Door

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Project Overview

This customer closed on a new contract and now had to store new ingredients at a specific temperature and humidity level. They had decided to close in a smaller section of their warehouse and add temperature control systems to this small area. They reached out to us to help them with a solution to allow them easy access in and out of this area while being able to maintain their temperature requirements.

After meeting with the customer and discussing their specific needs we installed a Hormann Speed Commander 1400 door, which allowed them high speed opening and closing of the door and touch free access to the area with their forklifts.

  • Customer Blendtek Ingredients
  • Date March 2024
  • Location Cambridge, Ontario
  • Equipment Used- Hormann Speed Commander
    - BEA LZR WIdescan Sensors
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BEA LZR Widescan Sensors

We equipped this door with LASER-based motion, safety and presence sensors on both sides. These sensors have the ability to detect objects based on direction, speed, object size and height.

These sensors are highly customizable, we configured them to the customer's requirements to open the door only when forklifts approach, greatly improving their operational efficiency and their temperature control efficiency.

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Hormann Speed Commander